The Fidelio Trio - international piano trio playing a diverse repertoire of contemporary music A bold and powerful recording…
International Record Review
  Fidelio Trio
    Dancing in Daylight  
    Dancing in Daylight  
    Korngold Piano Trio Op1  
    Tracing Lines - Robert Fokkens  
    American Terpsichore - Kevin Malone  
    new music: new Ireland Two  
    new music: new Ireland One  
    Complete Piano Trios - Michael Nyman  
    Wonderful Two-Headed Nightingale - Luke Bedford  
    Airs, Waters - Piers Hellawell  
My Broken Machines - Ed Bennett
Rob Keeley Chamber Music
The Piano Tuner





Contemporary Music from Ireland, Volume 8 - click to buy
    5 Meditations  
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