The Fidelio Trio - international piano trio playing a diverse repertoire of contemporary music A bold and powerful recording…
International Record Review
  Fidelio Trio


  Philip Glass Pendulum Fidelio Trio

  Joe Cutler Elsewhereness NMCD246 Fidelio Trio

  Philip Glass Head On Fidelio Trio

  Rhona Clarke Piano Trios

  Flux new music NMC D232

  Ravel & Saint-Saëns

  Composing the Island

  Dancing in Daylight

  Korngold Piano Trio Op.1

  Tracing Lines - Robert Fokkens

  American Terpsichore - Kevin Malone

  new music::new Ireland One

  new music::new Ireland Two

  Complete Piano Trios - Michael Nyman

  Wonderful Two-Headed Nightingale - Luke Bedford

  Airs, Waters - Piers Hellawell

  My Broken Machines - Ed Bennett

  Rob Keeley Chamber Music

  The Piano Tuner

  BULB - Irish Piano Trios

  Metamorphoses - Haflidi Hallgrímsson

  Bartlebooth - Joe Cutler

  Contemporary Music from Ireland, Volume 8





Royal Philarmonic Society
Shortlisted for an RPS Music Award 2016

The Fidelio Trio is a leading international piano trio
who play a diverse range of classical and contemporary music.

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